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Joists & Fasteners For Your Project

If you’re building a custom deck, whether onto your home or onto a caravan, you need everything to be held together securely, for a long-lasting, hard-wearing finish. WPC Deck has a range of joists and fasteners to help you attach balustrades, posts, and deck together as securely as possible. A wobbly railing won’t do, especially if your decking is going to be used by young children or the elderly, or you’re adding a deck onto a rental caravan. You need everything to look and feel secure, steady, and stable. WPC stock a range of options, including joists, hidden starter fasteners, and low profile joists, all in a range of colours that are designed to blend in neatly with our decking, fence panels, and balustrades.

All our joists and fasteners are designed to look good (and stay looking that way, even after being exposed to the weather on the deck) and work perfectly for our fence panels and decking. The finished look is cohesive and attractive as well as safe and up to building code, whether you are adding a deck to the outside of a holiday caravan, or building a deck for the home of a client.

Like all our work, our joists and fasteners benefit from our years of experience in the decking industry. The joists and fasteners we make are all finished to the highest standard, so you’ll have a deck that is reliable, sturdy, and great-looking for many years to come. Everything we offer works well together.

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What Our Customers Say

I want to thank you for the excellent decking, no more re staining every year

Mr & Mrs Spillane

Everything went so smoothly and the quality of the fencing is excellent

Peter Band / Facebook

My new fencing & matching decking are superb I wish we would have replaced it earlier

Rachel Earlston