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  • Composite Decking Light Grey (3m)
  • Composite Decking Light Grey (3m) 0

Composite Decking Light Grey (3m)

Size: 3000 x 140 x 25 mm

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  • 1x Composite Decking Light Grey (3m)
Category: Decking
Product Description

Decking is the ideal way to transform outdoor spaces – a durable, attractive solution that requires little maintenance to create dream garden spaces year-round.

If you want a no-nonsense, long-lasting decking solution, then look no further than composite decking. WPC decking is designed to look like real wood, but isn’t prone to the rot and warping and splintering that could occur when you choose a wooden decking solution. Our composite decking has a long guarantee as a testimony to its high quality, making it the perfect choice for garden renovation projects.

Quality WPC decking in a range of colours

WPC decking is a highly effective blend of wood and plastic to provide a high-quality decking solution. They are weather protected, slip-resistant and provide a sleek finish. Choosing decking for your garden is an investment, so you’ll want to make sure it lasts. Our composite decking boards come in four different shades: silver grey, graphite grey, coffee and teak, giving you a range of options to suit your taste. WPC decking requires little maintenance, so you won’t need to worry about sanding and re-painting every year.

As the professional, high-quality solution for garden renovation projects, you can’t go wrong with our WPC decking. Suitable for both large and small projects, our composite decking solutions provide the perfect finishing touch.

With fast delivery and a 10-year warranty, we provide quality decking solutions for your needs. Get in touch today to place your order or to find out more about our products.

Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperature changes could cause the boards to expand or contract. Ensure boards have had sufficient time to acclimatise to the temperature before installing. Do not install in extreme temperatures.

Don’t make the 7 common installation mistakes!


These quick tips are not a substitute for our installation, handling & maintenance guide.

Composite decking is installed differently to traditional timber decking. DECKAFENCE like all composites expands in warmer weather and contracts in cooler weather. With correct installation you will achieve great looking results. Failure to install products as specified will void warranty!

1) Let the boards acclimatize before before cutting and laying

Boards stacked in a pack can be a very different temperature than the ambient air temperature. Open the pack and lay boards out to allow them to settle to the ambient air temperature.

2) Allow the required gaps for expansion and contraction

Refer to the chart below to learn what gaps to use. Gaps are required at ends of ALL boards and also require a 12mm gap from another structure such as the house, retaining wall, pool coping etc.

Installation Temperature

There is a rule of thumb for expansion and contraction but your required gap depends on what your extreme temperatures you experience in your area.

For example: If you experience temperature ranges from -5 > 35 degrees,

boards will expand and contract more than temperature variation is 5>30 degrees. The less temperature variation = the less expansion and contraction

These gap calculations are based on temperature variation from 0-30 degrees. In more extreme temperatures, continue the calculation.

Installation temperature

Installation TemperatureGap Required
Cold = 0-105-6mm at the end of boards
Warm = 10-203-4mm at the end of boards
Hot = 20-302-3mm at the end of boards

3) Ensure the deck has adequate ventilation

DECKAFENCE is very resistant to moisture, however prolonged exposure to moisture will effect the substructure, decking boards and promote mould growth on your deck. Decking boards require a 12mm gap from another structure such

as the house, retaining wall, pool coping etc, to avoid capillary action and for water to drain away. Decking boards must never be in contact with the ground or another surface except for the substructure. Use ventilation grates if necessary to allow airflow for decks very low to the ground or membrane call 01400 251877 if you require these.

4) Use the correct clip

Any deck 400mm or less from the ground must use the plastic clips. Any deck that has inadequate ventilation must use plastic clips. For example: A deck 1.5m off ground with sides of deck enclosed by retaining walls or similar.

5) Use the clips correctly

Ensure boards are fastened using 1x clip per joist except for butt joins or breaker boards. Use correct installation method for butt joins.

6) Pre drill oversized holes

Ensure pre drilled holes for trim board screws are drilled oversize at 5mm diameter. Use pan head screws, not counter sunk screws. This allows the trim board to expand and contract.

7) Pin the boards to ensure even expansion and contraction

Refer to the installation guide on instructions to pin boards to ensure even expansion and contraction.

Refer to Supplied installation guide for full instructions. Failure to install products as specified will void warranty.


Please note that if this product is being stored for any amount of time before installation, you must store it on a flat dry surface and the boards need to be covered and protected from the elements of the weather.

Additional Information

Weight: 7.50kg

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Test Certificate

Download the test certificate here.

Installation Guide

Download instructions here.